We supply Agricultural, Industrial and Chemical products like - Ubc Aluminium Used Beverage Cans Scrap, High purity aluminum UBC can scrap(UBC)scrap in Grade AA bales, Used Waste Auto, Car and Truck battery, Drained Lead Battery Scrap, Quality Fresh Cauliflower, ORGANIC RAW CASHEW NUTS/ CASHEW KERNELS, Refined Corn Oil & Crude, Fresh Beef Tomato, Cherry Tomato, Fresh Plum Tomatoes, Cheap Copper Wire Scrap 99.99%, fridge compressor scrap and more...

Best South African Agricultural, Chemicals & Industrial Products Supplier

As one of the fastest growing trading companies, we understand perfectly that every market and every customer has individual requirements regarding product specifications and properties. We provide exactly what the customer expects from us. In our day-to-day work, we take on even the most difficult challenges regarding the implementation of orders and the supply of branded products from every corner of the world.

Our Global Suppliers

We sell commodities from top brand south African manufacturers. But through our marketing business, we also source from an extensive base of third-party commodity top suppliers, in countries all over the world.

Our Customers

We market to a broad base of International consumers, in sectors such as automotive, steel, semi-fabricators, power generation, oil, Supermarkets, Retailers and more.


We aim to maintain long-term commercial relationships with our customers, who value our scale, reputation and market knowledge.

Our Assets

At the heart of our marketing business is a network of strategically located assets – allowing us to process, store and transport commodities and products.


These assets include warehouses, ships, storage, port facilities and commodity processing plants.

We help the big to grow. We help the small to flourish.

HRCCM Africa Investment’s suppliers are international, regional, national and local companies. We build goodwill on long-term relationships with our contractors, caring for mutual trust and respect.


We recognize critical risks and work together with suppliers to overcome obstacles. We support partners on the path to development, to increase their prospects and expansion of international activities.

We provide Security and Confidentiality

For our partners, we have become the first trading company in South Africa to create a proprietary and innovative platform based on blockchain technology and cryptographic encryption of data. We understand the security threats of today’s world, which is why we offer full confidentiality and protection of commercial data at the highest level. HRCCM Africa Investment sets new trends in security.

What We Do

We physically source commodities and products from our global supplier base – and sell them to customers all over the world.


This means transporting commodities by sea, rail and truck, storing them, processing them, and delivering them to the time, quality and specification that our customers need.


Through these marketing activities, we set ourselves apart from companies who focus mainly on commodity production.

How We Add Value

Because we market commodities from supplier to customer, we are able to add value throughout the supply chain. We do this through:


Blending and processing

We can blend and process products to meet the specific needs of industrial consumers.


Storage and logistics

We can store and ship commodities as needed via our global network of assets – both to add value and to maximize arbitrage.


Of course, this requires high quality standards – so we adopt a rigorous approach to supply chain management.



We can arrange short- and long-term financing for both customers and suppliers, helping ensure long-term supply and demand for commodities.


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